Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Basement room of a home with lower portions of drywall removed, carpet removed, & several air movers lined up along the wall.

Flood Damage in Edgewood, Kentucky

Heavy rains in Edgewood, Kentucky left water damage in this home and SERVPRO of Kenton County was called for help. We have advanced training and industrial strength equipment to handle a water damage restoration project of any size!

The ceiling of a home with a tree branch protruding through and insulation hanging down.

Emergency Service for Tree Removal in Independence, Kentucky

Storms can be unpredictable, leaving damage behind and the need for emergency service. SERVPRO of Kenton County provided emergency service in Independence, Kentucky after a tree fell on a roof and caused major damage. Our technicians removed the tree and then secured the roof so that further damage could be prevented.

Storm Damage in Independence, Kentucky

Heavy storms in Independence, Kentucky caused a tree to fall and damage the roof of this home. SERVPRO of Kenton County was called for emergency service to secure the roof and protect the home and its contents from further damage.

Water Damage in Covington, Kentucky

A drain back up caused water damage at this property in Covington, Kentucky and SERVPRO of Kenton County was called for help! Our technicians responded quickly to the site, assessed the damage and began the restoration process.

Flooding and Water Damage in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

Heavy storms with excessive rains caused flooding and water damage at this home in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. The SERVPRO of Kenton County water technicians responded quickly to begin the water restoration process. The carpet was saturated and industrial strength air movers and dehumidifiers were set up in the affected areas to help complete the dryout process.

Storm Damage in Independence, Kentucky

Heavy storms in Independence, Kentucky resulted in damage at this home when a tree fell, leaving holes in the roof and water damage to the interior of the home. Before beginning work, the SERVPRO of Kenton County technicians protected the contents of the home by covering countertops and furniture.

Flooding in Independence, Kentucky

When storms and heavy rains in Independence, Kentucky caused flooding and water damage in this home, SERVPRO of Kenton County was here to help! This photo shows an area of the home after the wet drywall, carpet, and padding were removed by our water technicians and the drying equipment was set up and working to complete the dry out process.

Water Damage in Erlanger, Kentucky

The SERVPRO of Kenton County water technicians have air movers and a dehumidifier set up and working hard to dry out this basement in Erlanger, Kentucky. Water invaded the basement and the carpet was saturated.

Drying Out an Area Rug after Water Damage

When heavy rains caused flooding in an Independence, Kentucky home, this area rug was saturated. SERVPRO of Kenton County to the rescue! This is a photo of the dry out in progress and now the rug is as good as new!

Flooded Basement in Elsmere, Kentucky

A SERVPRO of Kenton County crew member is hard at work in this Elsmere, Kentucky home. Heavy storms and a failing sump pump resulted in a big mess in the basement!

Flooded Basement in Villa Hills, Kentucky

The SERVPRO of Kenton County water technicians have the dehumidifiers and air movers in place after this basement in Villa Hills, Kentucky flooded. Wet carpet, paneling, and baseboards were all removed and the equipment is working hard to eliminate the moisture!

Storms Cause Flooded Basement in Independence, Kentucky

Heavy storms sometimes cause flooded basements! The basement of this home in Independence, Kentucky needed dry out services following storms that hit the area. In this photo, the airmovers and dehumidifiers set up by the SERVPRO of Kenton County water technicians are seen in action drying out the affected property.

Heavy Storms in Covington, Kentucky Cause Flooded Basement

Many times heavy storms can lead to flooding and water damage to homes and businesses. Storms in Covington, Kentucky caused water in this basement and SERVPRO of Kenton County was called for dry out services.

The SERVPRO of Kenton County Mobile Command Center

SERVPRO of Kenton County is proud to be a part of the national SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team. This RV is used by the crews of SERVPRO of Kenton County. It acts as a mobilized command center to enable crews to relocate to the disaster site and operate from this mobile office.